DeeAnn Howard

Special Education Teacher

DeeAnn Howard – Special Education Teacher

I am DeeAnn Howard, an Itinerant Special Education Teacher for Bear Paw Cooperative. I graduated from Scobey High School in 1980, then attended College of Great Falls (GFC-MSU) & Eastern Montana College (MSU-B) graduating with a double major in elementary & special education from EMC in 1986. My first teaching experience was for Peerless Public Schools as their special education teacher from 1986-91. My husband and I then moved to Malta where I was a Title I and special education para-educator for Malta Public Schools from 1991-94. As life happens, I transitioned to a new job with Bear Paw Cooperative in 1994 and have been with them for 27 years now! To say this was the best last professional move is an understatement! As an itinerant special education teacher, I have the privilege of going to a number of schools in Phillips and Blaine counties serving as the case manager for their special education students in grades

K -12. In this position, I do the academic testing, write the IEP’s, monitor student instructional and curriculum needs, and work alongside some amazing people who deliver the daily lessons. I highly respect the para educators and regular education teachers in these schools because they are the reason this delivery model works. Over the years, I’ve also had the privilege of mentoring regular education from Phillips and Valley counties who were in the OPI special education endorsement program. Doing this allowed me to grow professionally and stay current with the ever changing documents - especially going from hard copy to online.

My husband and I still reside north of Malta where we raised our three grown daughters. We are now enjoying their adult lives with two marriages, 8 fur babies and the newest addition, our first grandchild!